Milverton, Somerset

Friday Club update

We are still enjoying our Fridays and would love to welcome three more members if anyone would like to join us as our numbers are slightly down.

The lunches are delicious and of course there is an entertainment in the morning after we have had our coffee.

We were taken on a Christmas cruise which we thoroughly enjoyed without even having to move out of our chairs!

Are you superstitious? We all know about walking under ladders but we learnt many more superstitions and their origins and some of us found ourselves touching wood. Our village agent came to talk to us and told us how we can get help with various things and if she can’t help will tell us who can.

We also had a craft morning and some of us made fridge magnets and key rings, and music added in if anyone wanted to ‘sing along’. The meal we get is different every week. Last week we had fish pie a great treat as we haven’t had it for a long time. I think we all look forward to meeting up and exchanging news once a week but our Fridays are made really special thanks to the friends who cook for us every week.