Women's Institute

WI March update

Milverton WI members met on 5 March 2020 at the Club House, the Recreation Ground, Milverton. The ‘mystery’ speaker was revealed as Milns Prescott who gave an interesting speech and insight into membership of the Special Constabulary.

To become a member, Milns was interviewed by the police at Wiveliscombe and was subsequently sworn in by the Magistrates at the Court in Wellington. He then explained how he obtained his uniform; the uniform stores were situated under the Police Station with a full time tailor; he was given a helmet and a truncheon and a flat cap. He also received a clip on tie – this meant that if he was attacked he could not be throttled!

Milns received no pay for the duties required, but was able to claim expenses. He recounted some of the duties involved – these included monthly training in the Police Station in Wellington, being present at polling stations for elections, traffic control for various events, such as the Remembrance Service in Wiveliscombe, and ‘policing’ the River Struggle in Wellington.

At one incident of a car crash at Oake he arrived to find a car literally poised on top of a 5 bar gate! Milns was awarded a Long Service Medal for his service of over 20 years.

Thank you, Milns, for an engaging and interesting talk.

The meeting concluded with delicious cakes and tea.