Milverton, Somerset
Senior Safety Channel

Scam awareness update

You may feel particularly at risk from scams or frauds during the coronavirus situation.

Sadly many unscrupulous criminals have been taking advantage of the awful circumstances surrounding the present national emergency to steal money from the most vulnerable citizens in our community.

Senior Safety Channel have a short video on scams to help make you aware of any scams that you may encounter and to suggest some routes to take if any enter your life.

Always remember – it is absolutely fine to say ‘NO’ to any offer, however tempting or beneficial it may sound. Always check the identification of any person who seeks access to your home or finances (both cash or personal details) and never be afraid to seek assistance from the authorities, even the police, if you feel someone is attempting to commit a crime involving you.

ActionFraud (National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre) phone line 0300 123 2040