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Somerset West and Taunton Council – Discretionary Business Grant “Priority Three Applications”

Discretionary Business Grant Moves to “Priority Three Applications”

The previously extended Covid-19 Discretionary Business Grant Scheme closed on 30 June. Of the £2,128,250 available, circa £500k remained.

Following a review of the unsuccessful applicants and comments from businesses who had asked to be included, a further and final widening of the scheme has been agreed to include additional business types. These are broadly retail and tourism related. The scheme will go live on the website at 9am on Friday 10 July and in addition to the previously qualifying business types the scheme will include:

  • Self-contained self-catering holiday accommodation which is subject to Council Tax (this does not include room-only) £2,500 grant.
  • All B&Bs (not just those registered with SWT as food premises) £2,500 
  • Commercial fishing boats,  charter fishing boats and charter pleasure boat businesses based within SWT harbours  £5,000
  • Street traders and market operators which have consents from SWT and live within SWT £2,000
  • Taxi/private hire drivers, which are licenced with SWT £2,000
  • Mobile retailers £2,500
  • Visitor information centres £7,500

SWT will adjust the ‘fixed property related costs’ threshold for commercial fishing boats, charter fishing boats and charter pleasure boats, mobile retailers, taxi drivers and visitor centres to reflect their lower likely fixed property-related costs.

From the following week, 17 July, should funds remain, SWT will widen the scheme further to include the following:

  • Any other business which is not assessed for business rates and which can demonstrate hardship caused by COVID-19 and where it is the sole or main source of income for the applicant and is based and operating within SWT, £2,000 grant.

There has been a phased approach to widening the Discretionary Grant Scheme in order to balance demand with the funds that were made available.

Please click here to read the full details of all eligible businesses that are now included in the scheme from 10 July.

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