Milverton, Somerset
Friday Club

Friday Club December update

As everyone knows the Friday Club has been shut since March and we are all missing seeing our friends and exchanging news. Also the delicious lunch which we had every Friday, however the good news is we are hoping to be able to meet up again in January.

I hope everyone has been able to keep themselves occupied during these very difficult times. It is especially hard for those who aren’t very mobile, and as I write we are in another lockdown, never easy, but worse in the winter. We must look forward and hope that things will get better as we get to the end of it and dare I say it look forward to seeing some of our friends and family over Christmas.

This will be the last missive from the Friday Club before Christmas so a huge thank you to Carol and Alan for all they have and continue to do for us. We have not been left alone as Carol has kept in touch with all our members throughout this difficult time. A peaceful and I hope happy Christmas to everyone who helps or belongs to the Friday Club please take care to look after yourselves and let’s hope we’ll all be together again in January 2021.