Milverton, Somerset

John Muir conservation award scheme

My son Dylan is working his way through a John Muir conservation award and as part of that he learned about the Somerset County Council Adopt Footpath Scheme which has been a lifeline through lockdown both physically and mentally. We have adopted a stretch of the Somerset coastal path from Lilstock to East Quantoxhead and also a circular route just by Auton Dowells.

One aspect of the John Muir award is to create your own project to help conserve local nature and so Dylan has decided to promote the Adopt a Footpath Scheme to families. Only about 7 per cent of footpaths in Somerset are adopted which helps to keep them actively used and through walking them regularly and reporting any issues, dealt with quicker by the Council. I have found it a great way to engage Dylan (12) in not just community action, but in getting outside with purpose.

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Beth French