Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Gardening Club December update

We have not been able to have any meetings recently, but that does not mean we have been entirely inactive.

Catalogues for Suttons Seeds have been distributed, and orders with a 50 per cent reduction in price have been placed.

In addition, the annual sale of topsoil, compost and manure from Nick Stevens at Dunkeswell was successfully completed on the 10 October, with 274 bags being distributed from Woodbarton and to the Allotments, compared with 188 in 2019 and 150 in 2018.

As soon as allowed, an AGM will be held and hopefully members will come forward to replace those standing down from the Committee. Standing down are the Chairman, Treasurer and Talks Secretary, because of age. Total for the three is 256 years. That’s enough for all three to get into the second top group for the Coronavirus vaccine.

Are you still doubtful about how long 2 metre social distancing is?

One long rake handle, two spade lengths, or 8 trowels laid end to end!

Peter Huthinson