Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Parish Council December update

The November meeting of the Council was held remotely in the light of COVID restrictions. A summary of the items covered is as follows:

  • there was one member of the Public present at the meeting
  • Tim Payne was welcomed to Milverton Parish Council as Acting Clerk. Tim is the serving Parish Clerk to Halse Parish Council and has many years’ experience in the role of Parish Clerk
  • Maggie Dinning who lives in Buttsway and Steve Potts who lives in Preston Bowyer were welcomed as new members of the Parish Council
  • an agreement to allow the Council to return to having its planning delegation role has been completed and should be agreed by Somerset West and Taunton Council shortly. It was agreed that the Council establish a Planning Committee who would be responsible for providing comments to SWT on planning applications in the village
  • the local crime report had been circulated, which included one incidence of anti-social behaviour in Milverton
  • the Council’s Amenity Sub Committee is to consider proposals for the refurbishment of the Creedwell toilet block and bring back its recommendations to the full Council in December
  • the Council agreed that it needed to strengthen its data security and will be moving to a Small Business service provided by Google
  • a number of issues with the accessibility of local footpaths have been referred to SCC for action
  • it was noted that the Somerset Gazette had approached the Council for comments regarding the damage caused by HGVs travelling through the village (an article subsequently appeared highlighting the problems)
  • the Council heard of plans to site an archive building at the Recreation Ground which was supported in principle

A full copy of the draft minutes will be placed on the Council’s notice boards and should be available in due course on the Parish Council’s website which is currently being revamped.

The next Council meeting is set for Monday 7 December, to be held remotely. Please contact the Clerk in due course if you would like access to attend.

Tim Payne
Acting Clerk to Milverton Parish Council.