Milverton, Somerset
Longer ride set off

Milverton Recyclers

The Milverton Recyclers came about by happy accident nearly 5 years ago. Compared to the Welly Wheelers, we are rank amateurs, averaging 11 miles an hour over 25 miles in and around Milverton.

I see my stats say I have cycled up Mount Everest 6 times since January 1st! Some of us have turned to ebikes, probably because our average age is over 70! Occasionally, we do longer routes, spread over several days.

We have cycled from Watchet to West Bay (56 miles) in one day, and from Ilfracombe to Plymouth (108 miles) over three days. Plans are afoot to cycle from the Irish Sea to the North Sea by Hadrian’s Wall.
I think I can say it for all of us, it’s a brilliant way to get out to see the countryside, have fun and increase our physical and mental well-being, although it does hurt when we come off, which has happened occasionally – to some more than others!!

Contributed by William Waddington