Old surgery building

Turners Cycles at the old surgery

Turners Cycles is a small bicycle servicing and repair business, run by myself with support from my wife Leanna.

We opened 7 years ago at our unit at Ford Farm, Bradford on Tone and over this time we have built a client base of lovely customers. We are moving as the opportunity arose to purchase our own premises which is a big step up for us.

I realise that the old surgery has been empty for a couple of years and its closure caused some issues in the village, which is understandable. Clearly getting the building back into use is a good thing. Of course, cycling is really important for both physical and mental health, so the theme has not changed altogether!

I’ve started refurbishing the building to suit our needs and already met quite a few neighbours and existing customers. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, it has been really nice to meet so many nice people. I hope to be opening the doors in early January.

Ben Turner 01823 461155