Milverton, Somerset

Village Hall closure and AGM

We regret that, yet again, we are going to have to close the village hall as part of the measures introduced to restrict the spread of Covid-19. Community centres and halls are required to close, save for a limited number of exceptions. Hopefully, the period of closure will last for a few weeks only.

For the same reasons, we are going to have to conduct our AGM, which we had hoped to hold on 12 January 2021, remotely. The meeting should be open to the public, but the best we can do in the current circumstances is to invite anyone who has any comments or questions to direct them to our Chairman on 01823 400609 before the date of the meeting.

The essential business to be transacted at the AGM is as follows:

1. Annual Appointment of trustees

The following have indicated their willingness to serve:

  • Sally Ackland (appointee from the Parish)
  • Bev Blackmore (Music Club nominee)
  • Carol Davidson (Friday Club nominee)
  • Maggie Dinning (appointee from the Parish)
  • Geoff Elson (Twinning Association and Milverton Trust nominee)
  • Chris Field (appointee from the Parish)
  • Lindsay Fortune (appointee from the Parish)
  • Mike Harvey (appointee from the Parish)
  • Philip Knowles (appointee from the Parish)
  • Sue Knowles (Dramatic Society nominee)
  • Gill Lumby (Parish Council nominee)
  • Chris Pine (appointee from the Parish)
  • Rachel Rossiter (PCC nominee)
  • Sue Rotheram (Garden Club nominee)
  • Frances Vail (Milverton and Fitzhead Society and WI nominee)

As previously advertised, there is a vacancy for a Trustee to be appointed from among Parish residents. If you are interested, please contact our Secretary on 01823 400142. The Recreation Ground Committee remains without a nominated representative.

2. Victoria Rooms Annual Report and Accounts to 30 September 2020 are available to view

May we wish all our hirers and supporters a Happy New Year.

Milverton Victoria Rooms Management Committee
31 December 2020