Milverton, Somerset

Community Cafe February update

Milverton Community Cafe was launched eleven years ago and was originally called the Fair Trade Cafe, but was renamed recently to emphasise its importance to our village and surrounding areas.

The cafe runs a fair trade stall with a range of goods and cards. Apart from serving wonderful cakes, coffee and lunches, the cafe provides a hub for our community opening every Wednesday without fail all year round. Several agencies have clinics, including our local bobby Louise. We have visits from our school and craft sales too.

The cafe is staffed by a large team of enthusiastic volunteers and there is always a very warm welcome and people willing to help in many ways if folk have problems. One of the benefits of our cafe is that we have raised a great deal of money for charity and we were even able to give £1000 of your money to the Hardship Fund.

It has been a great sadness that we have not been able to operate since last a March and I know the opportunity to meet regularly with friends has been a hardship for many. However there is now a light at the end of the tunnel and we have plans for a great celebration when we are able to open the cafe again, when it is safe to do so.

Anyone interested in getting involved please give Barbara a call. 01823 401276, and as many who know me will realise, that if you don’t call me I will call you!