Garden Club

Garden Club February update

The Royal Horticultural Society reports that an estimated three million new people took up gardening in 2020. Gardening is good for our health and wellbeing. It is suitable for lockdown, hopefully this will continue even after we return to normal. The Garden Club committee has decided that, in view of so many meetings being cancelled in 2020, there is no need for paid up members to pay for 2021, but those who did not pay for 2020 should still pay for 2021, in the expectation that things will improve.

Climate change postulates that temperatures will rise and that there will be more extremes. So it was in 2020. In terms of rainfall on Milverton there were some near extremes. At 104 cm, this was the highest value since records began at the present location in Woodbarton since 2012.

Spring was very dry, with only 3 cm in the near three months between the middle of March and the 8 June. The first half of July showed only 0.5 cm while the first half of August was completely dry and up to 25 September, only 0.5 cm. On the other hand, February (17 cm), October (17 cm) and December (14 cm) were all above normal.

A successful 2021 to you all.