Grateful reasons to live in Milverton

  1. The library in the telephone box at Houndsmoor.
  2. Cricket has started again at the Recreation Ground.
  3. Our local shop. Emma and Russell and their staff doing their best to pander
    to our every whim.
  4. A very sunny summer, which began early and made us feel good in 2020.
  5. Takeaways from the Globe. Adele and Mark provide a varied and
    delicious menu.
  6. Fish and chips and pizza at the Recreation Ground on Friday.
  7. When the first lockdown came in March, all those wonderful volunteers
    who did shopping, delivered medicines and cheered us all up.
  8. The quiet of the lockdown meant that we could hear so much birdsong.
  9. Neighbours helped each other around the village, phoning and Skyping
    and Zooming to help isolated residents.
  10. Residents having more time to talk to each other and make new friends.
  11. The Hardship fund was born.
  12. Helene Stainer and her team, organising and always on hand.
  13. Tonia, always cheerful in the Post Office.
  14. Jason the postman, with his lively fancy dress costumes which made
    everyone smile.
  15. To be in the heart of the countryside in lockdown.
  16. Time for more village walks and discovering new footpaths.
  17. Village organisations planning in the background, all ready to go, when we
    eventually get out of restrictions.
  18. The light in the tree at the Market Cross – a really cheerful sight in the
  19. Our great village school and all of the hard working staff.
  20. Our children’s parents who are doing their very best to home-school.

Anonymously contributed