Milverton, Somerset

Parish Council February update

The January meeting of the Parish Council was held remotely in the light of COVID restrictions. A summary of the items covered is as follows:

  • the meeting was joined by David Fothergill, leader of Somerset County Council, who gave information about the One Somerset proposal for a Unitary Authority, which is being considered by the Government. (It is intended that a representative from Somerset West and Taunton Council will join the February meeting to provide information on the alternative proposal of a Stronger Somerset, being put forward by the four District Councils. It is expected the public consultation on the plans will commence in either February or March)
  • following site meetings being held, the Parish Council resolved to register its support for the planning applications at Milverton Sawmills, Kingsland and Spring Grove
  • the Parish Council heard an update on the flooding that has arisen near Jubilee Gardens for which investigative works are on-going as to the origin of the water
  • as well as the approval of various administrative expenses, the Parish Council resolved to pay grants to Citizens Advice, the Samaritans and Wiveliscombe Area Partnership, in view of their support to residents of Milverton
  • comments are awaited from the surveyors acting in respect of the conversion of the Creedwell Orchard toilets, in the light of concerns on the existing proposals’ adequately dealing with disabled access
  • agreement was given for a four-year lease contract through South West Ambulance Service for a defibrillator on the Victoria Rooms (public training courses will be held when Covid restrictions are eased)
  • based on a budget prepared by the Clerk, it was agreed that the precept for 2021/22 be set at £28,000 (2020/21: £27,000)
  • there have been a number of new takers for the parish allotments, such that there is now a waiting list
  • various road and footpath matters have been referred to Somerset West and Taunton Council/Somerset County Council to deal with. A full copy of the draft minutes will be placed on the Parish Council’s notice boards and should be available in due course on the Parish Council’s website which is currently being revamped

The next Parish Council meeting is set for Monday 1 February, to be held remotely. Please contact the Clerk at in due course if you would like access to attend.