Milverton, Somerset

Planning application process

A reminder of the process in Milverton up to February 2020; Milverton Parish Council had the delegated authority to determine most planning applications in the village, as opposed to them being dealt with either by a Planning Officer or the Planning Committee from Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT).

The power is only delegated for a specified period following which it was usually automatically renewed, though Covid-related administrative issues meant that the renewal didn’t take place until 21 December.

Subject to a number of specified exceptions, applications will now revert to being considered and decided upon at one of the Parish Council’s monthly meetings.

The Parish Council will be in receipt of a report by a Planning Officer, including their recommendation as to how the application should be determined and a Planning Officer will also attend the meeting, remotely, and in person when ‘normal’ meetings resume.

Members of the public can speak at the meetings (prior to the Councillors’ discussion), notice being given via agendas being placed on the Parish Council’s notice board, which will specify the applications to be considered. Site notices are placed by SWT and neighbouring properties should routinely be sent notice of applications, again by SWT.

The Parish Council will aim to hold a site meeting to view the relevant property in advance of the meeting and all Parish Council members involved in determining an application will have undertaken training by SWT. If you have any queries in respect of the process or a potential application, please contact a member of the Council or the Clerk.

Tim Payne Clerk to Milverton Parish Council