Milverton, Somerset

Milverton allotments history

In 1947 the Parish Council purchased the land behind the Courtfield Estate for the provision of allotments for the villagers.

The land for the allotments and Courtfield had been part of the Court Farm owned by Mr Thomas. To the east and the south of the land lay Olands Estate and Olands Farm. The left hand side is now called Tuckers.

A loan was taken out for the cost of the land which was £250.00 plus an extra charge for boundary fencing. The original allotments consisted of 34 plots of 10 rods (about the size of a doubles tennis court or 250 square metres ), laid out much as we see them today, apart from a few amalgamations that have taken place over the years.

There is an original rent book for the allotments covering the period from 1947 to 2003, held by the Parish Council, showing 37 plots as in 2003 as several smaller plots were created.

A comparison of plot holders names in 2003 shows that there were still two original family names registered, the Redwood and the Hannaford families. Currently the Hannaford family are the only original family registered as a plot holders. The next longest plot holders are the Trickey family who have held plots since 1957 that is 63 years.

The original rents in 1947 were 10/- (ten shillings) worth approximately £39.50 today, they went up to £3.50 in 2003, and currently £20.50 for a 250 square metre plot.

So we still have not caught up with inflation!

Milverton allotments today

Change has been slow up a the allotments, however, things are changing.

We have re-measured the plots and have converted them to square metres to enable us to apply a fair charging system. It is to encourage people to try allotment gardening.

Allotments are friendly communities with both experienced and beginner gardeners, people are willing to help each other, give advice and share experiences. They are a great place people to de-stress and for families to come and teach children about growing plants, insects and wildlife.

As the original size of an allotment was the equivalent of the size of a doubles tennis court, to be offered this is daunting unless you are an experienced gardener or have a large family who can help you out. We have decided to go along the path started in 2003 in offering smaller plots.

We are offering :

  • starter plot 3m x 2m £5.00 per year
  • second stage plot 6m X 2m £5.00 per year
  • quarter size plot at 65 sq m £6.25 per year
  • half size plot at 125 square metres £12.50 per year
  • full plots at 250 square metres £25.00 per year

If you would like to try allotment gardening please email
Anita Dakowski phone 01823 401014
Phil Young phone 01823 400171