Milverton, Somerset
Music note

Milverton Music February update

In 2021 we celebrate 25 years of Milverton Music. Time has flown since five friends played every Wednesday evening in a back room at the Globe. As the popularity of the sessions grew, they decided that a more structured outlet was needed for both their musical talents and those of fellow musicians.

Because the Globe didn’t have the space, we began in the upper room at the White Hart Inn, on the first Friday of the month. After six months we moved to a bigger venue at the back of the pub where the club continued to grow. In 1998 after 2 very successful years we moved from the White Hart to the Victoria Rooms.

The Silver Street Band also celebrate 25 years of playing together. Their name originated from two of the line-up living in Silver Street. Not very original, but much better and politically correct than the several others suggested!

So, 25 years later whether your musical tastes are Baroque, Botticelli, Beethoven, Beatles or Bacharach, music is a very important part of all our lives.

A song by the great John Miles in 1976 in fact sums it up beautifully.

“Music was my first love
And it’ll be my last,
Music of the future,
And music of the past,
To live without my music
Would be impossible to do
In this world of troubles
My music pulls me through”.

It was a whole different world in 1976, but the song still rings so true today. I have written before of the struggle that musicians and singers of all genre are having and we look forward to the days when we can repay them for their talent and enjoy once more a live performance.

Many performers are producing live on-line concerts in order to both generate income and also to continue what they love doing and share their talent and gifts with us. I encourage you to support their efforts by logging onto their web sites to listen and contribute to their performances.

We are hoping to run an open mic night later in the year, but any artists already booked may need to transfer their gigs to 2022.

Please keep an eye on the Milverton Music website or up-to-date information.

Until we see you again please take care of each other.

Tony Batten