Milverton, Somerset
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Staying warm this winter

Village Agent top tips for staying warm and well this winter:

  • Check out the energy saving advice on the Energy Saving Trust website
  • Contact the Centre for Sustainable Energy to find a better rate  – if you haven’t changed energy supplier in over a year you are guaranteed to save money by changing!
  • if you’re not very mobile, are 65 or over or have a health condition, heat your home to at least 18 degrees Centigrade
  • use a hot water bottle to keep warm in bed
  • have hot drinks often and at least one hot meal a day
  • draw curtains at dusk and close doors to block out draughts
  • get your heating system checked by a qualified professional

If you would like to help someone facing fuel poverty, you could consider donating your winter fuel allowance to the Somerset Community Foundation. SCF then work with us to allocate the donated fuel allowance to those in need. This year, many will need to stay at home to keep themselves safe and will find themselves cut off from family and friends and facing higher costs to heat their homes. Your donations will help us make sure around 500 vulnerable older people across Somerset have the support they need to get through the winter.

You could also consider joining our Community Oil Buying Scheme to ensure that you benefit from the best bulk buying discounts on your heating oil. We receive 50 per cent of the small annual membership fee, which goes into our Crisis Fund.

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