Milverton, Somerset

Changes to local government

As you know there is an ongoing proposal to create a Unitary authority in Somerset and there are two proposals:

  • One Somerset – promoted by Somerset County Council to create a single new authority for the present county of Somerset
  • Stronger Somerset – promoted by the four District Councils (Somerset West and Taunton, Sedgemoor, South Somerset and Mendip) which would lead to two new Unitary Councils based on the boundaries of Somerset West and Taunton/Sedgemoor and South Somerset/Mendip

Consultation is open to all.

These proposed changes to our local democracy represents the biggest Council change since 1974 so it is important that everyone interested has the opportunity to have their say.

To find out more and register your view go to the ‘proposals for unitary local government‘ website. Consultation closes on Monday 19 April.

Village quiz update

Thank you for letting me know that you are interested in taking part in this quiz.

The host is a chap called Paul Henson who I taught with at Epsom until he retired. He has a proven track record of organising successful and highly enjoyable quizzes at school and in the wider community, and he has kindly alleviated the boredom for many of us during lockdown.

He currently hosts various radio shows on Bexhill radio at the moment. Do tune in to him – he is very good and takes requests!

Paul Henson – Sounds of the 60s and 70s on Bexhill Radio

The date for the Fitzhead zoom quiz is Monday, 1 March

The quiz will start on Zoom at 7.30pm.

Paul will email all of us the picture round between 6.30 – 7.00 pm along with the Zoom code and his number for the scores (it might be easier for me to collate these, but we can confirm on the night).

Therefore, I will need to give him your email address in advance.

At the end of each round, he will give us the answers and we text/WhatsApp him our scores, remembering to include your team name in the text, eg Wickham round 1 = 16.

He keeps a tally and then reveals the winner at the end.

If you are happy with all of the above, please confirm and I will provide Paul with your email address and I will look forward to seeing you all on 1 March. Hopefully, team Wickham will be all 3 of us.

Mandy, would you be kind enough to include the details in your next village newsletter please, just in case there are a few more who would like to join in? We currently have 7 teams, some of which live in Milverton, however, I believe they are also Fitzhead Fete supporters including Chris who ran the BBQ in 2019 and converted us to Thornes sausages and burgers.

Event organiser

Dog walking near livestock

Dog walking is a great way to enjoy the countryside, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to be aware of your surroundings when walking through farmland.

Every year, we have reports from farmers whose herds have been devastated by loose dogs. Even if you think your dog is placid and friendly, when faced with a field full of livestock they can be unpredictable. It’s simple not worth taking the risk – keep your dog on a lead and away from livestock.

If your pet chases, scares or attacks sheep, report to the farmer even if there is no apparent injury, as the stress of worrying by dogs can cause sheep to die and in-lamb ewes to mis-carry.

If your dog is found to be responsible for sheep worrying, you could find yourself with a large vet’s bill, prosecution and the strong possibility of your dog being destroyed as a result.

Avon and Somerset Police

Village Zoom quiz

The village Zoom quiz is something that even those of you that don’t live in Fitzhead can join in with. Rounds usually include:

  • pictures
  • show tunes
  • general knowledge
  • the arts
  • general knowledge in various forms
  • missing lyrics
  • flags
  • music

If you are interested in joining a Zoom quiz, please contact Abi directly on

Once she knows numbers, she will sort out a date. It would be on an evening from 7.30pm, run by a former colleague of hers.

If you are worried about the village broadband in Fitzhead, Abi and Nicholas have been taking part in these since April and they have managed just fine.

Mandy and Jo