Milverton, Somerset

Dog walking near livestock

Dog walking is a great way to enjoy the countryside, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to be aware of your surroundings when walking through farmland.

Every year, we have reports from farmers whose herds have been devastated by loose dogs. Even if you think your dog is placid and friendly, when faced with a field full of livestock they can be unpredictable. It’s simple not worth taking the risk – keep your dog on a lead and away from livestock.

If your pet chases, scares or attacks sheep, report to the farmer even if there is no apparent injury, as the stress of worrying by dogs can cause sheep to die and in-lamb ewes to mis-carry.

If your dog is found to be responsible for sheep worrying, you could find yourself with a large vet’s bill, prosecution and the strong possibility of your dog being destroyed as a result.

Avon and Somerset Police