Milverton, Somerset
Victoria Rooms

Victoria Rooms March update

Once again, there is very little to report from the Victoria Rooms as we have remained closed during the latest lockdown. We have not been idle, however, and have continued with our programme of planned maintenance of the hall, including the replacement of the side gate with a beautiful door which is in keeping with the style of the main doors and also makes the building more secure. The committee would like to extend its grateful thanks to Simon Hunt for his excellent work. Further works will be carried out by John Blackmore and his team during the next few weeks to ensure everything is up to scratch once we can re-open. As always, our thanks to John and his team for the professional way they maintain our village hall.

We are still awaiting clarification of when and how we can re-open the Victoria Rooms and whether we are going to have to restrict numbers, even after the hoped-for final end to the lockdown on 21 June. We will keep the website up to date with any developments and we will also post a notice outside the Victoria Rooms as soon as we have a date for re-opening.

Once again, the Victoria Rooms has been awarded a grant by Somerset West and Taunton Council to off-set not being able to open or to run fundraising events. We are very grateful for this assistance, which has gone a long way towards paying for the refurbishment work.

One fundraising activity which has been able to continue during the pandemic is our 100 Club, and we are pleased to announce that the winners of our February and March draws were Sue Hill and Gordon Callan respectively. Well done to both of you.

In recent years, Allied Westminster, the company which arranges the insurance for Milverton’s Victoria Rooms, has organised a nation-wide photographic competition between rural villages for photographs which celebrate village life and the role of village halls in their communities. Winning entries earn awards for both the photographer and the village hall which sponsors the entry.

Recognising the number of enthusiastic photographers in the village, the Management Committee of the Victoria Rooms feels there should be someone who could provide a suitable entry from Milverton for this year’s competition. The theme last year was ‘Village Life – a photo which characterises the value of community in your village’. The theme for this year’s competition will not be known until May and at that time we hope to be able to contact all those who think they might have a photo to be considered. If you would like to receive more details when they are known, please contact Lindsay Fortune on 01823 400890 who will be organising our entry.

One other way you can support our village hall without leaving home is by purchasing a ticket for the Somerset West Lottery and selecting the Victoria Rooms as your chosen charity. For each ticket purchased, the Victoria Rooms receives 50 pence. To purchase your tickets, go to the Somerset West Lottery website and search for Milverton Victoria Rooms. Good luck!