Milverton, Somerset

Your duty in the countryside

It is important that we recognise when exercising in the countryside that the land and pathways we walk over do all belong to someone. ‘Right of Way’ does not mean we have the right to walk off designated paths. Observing social distancing is difficult when meeting other walkers on narrow field margins, but it should not lead to trampling onto or over a crop.

A particular example that is causing great concern is the well used footpath that leads from top of Wood Street up to Quaking House Lane — ref: WG 7/25. A swathe of crop adjacent to this foot path is being trampled carelessly and unnecessarily. The farmer is on the verge of fencing this footpath as his patience is running out. Please make sure you know the footpath you intend to walk and respect that. If you walk with a dog please make sure you keep it under control not just with live stock, but also with crop and pick up after it.

Thank you.