Milverton, Somerset

From the Vicarage April

How are you?

So, really, how are you?

We are being encouraged to ask…to really ask…and to listen…
23 March marked the first anniversary of that first lockdown, and was designated as a National Day of Reflection. A year ago all of our lives changed, we were restricted, we were uncertain, many were afraid, others saw themselves as indestructible, and many have since been lost to us. What a year! Many emotions have been experienced including some we may not be proud of and some we may not recognise as part of ourselves.

Spring is a time of new growth, life appearing from what seemed to be barren land. Easter, in the Christian calendar is a time of new hope, Christ resurrected from the dead and walking alongside us on our journey through life. Hopefully we can now, very carefully and very gradually, move back out into the brightness of our lives, sharing precious moments with others, and beginning to plan for the future. But, please remember that some are afraid, some are required to continue to shield with no end date in sight; some have been deeply changed by the isolation and life in lockdown, both physically and emotionally.

We have a long way to go yet!… so please …be kind, be safe, and really, really ask…How are you?…you could change someone’s life by really asking from the heart.

There are posters throughout the villages with contact numbers for mental health support…don’t leave it too late!

Finances are still tight, remember, the Hardship Fund is easy to access through myself and is confidential and non-judgmental…Don’t go without because of Covid! 01823 400305

Canon Ian Ainsworth Smith’s funeral will be at 2pm on 1 April, Maundy Thursday, at St Michael’s Church.
Due to present restrictions only family and close friends may attend (only 30 permitted at funerals).
However you may wish to pay your respects as the coffin leaves church and passes through the village after the service, maintaining safe distancing at all times.

May he rest in peace….