Milverton, Somerset

Buying and selling on social media platforms warning

We are seeing an increase in burglaries from garages and sheds where the offenders are clearly seeking out motorcycles, specifically dirt bikes such as KTM and Yamaha. It appears that a number of these bikes have been listed for sale on social media platforms, where a potential buyer arranges to view the vehicle but then doesn’t turn up. Not surprisingly, a day or so later the garage/shed is broken into and an attempt is made to steal the bike or it is stolen.

If you are considering selling your vehicle – or any expensive item – follow the guidance provided on the website. Do not automatically assume it is safe to pass over your address details and or photos of your vehicle outside of your garage, especially if it shows your street name and garage number. If you do so and the purchaser doesn’t turn up, be aware and pay close attention to the item you are selling and the security of the location it is stored.

Sadly, this may not just affect you. If your garage is broken into, your neighbour is likely to be targeted and may also sustain damage to their garage in the process.

Remember, whenever you place an advert you are also advertising what you have to steal. Read the guidance provided by the website carefully, and ask yourself if you really need to provide your address or do you meet somewhere public nearby? Always meet any prospective buyers in a well-lit, public area.

Avon and Somerset Police

Security tips

  • Be different, many riders do nothing when they park their bikes, think security
  • Buy an anti-theft deterrent. Chains and padlocks, disk locks, U-locks, bike covers and immobilisers are all good deterrents. Always use two different locks, one for each wheel
  • Consider installing a kill switch that is hidden from view. This will prevent thieves from starting the bike without knowing where the switch is located
  • Lock your bike to something immovable like railings, lamp posts or a bike post. Keep chains as tight to the machine as possible and try to ensure they are off the ground
  • Park your bike where it can be seen in a well-lit location with high footfall, ideally covered by CCTV. If empty, leave your seat open
  • Use the steering lock when parked. Remove accessories to prevent them being stolen
  • Always lock your bike at home. Use a cover over your bike if it is outside. If you can, keep your bike in an alarmed secure garage. Lock your bike to a Sold Secure or Thatcham approved ground anchor
  • Register your motorcycle, and any serial numbered parts, on the Immobilise database to help police trace your bike if it is stolen
  • The use of approved anti-theft devices such as Sold Secure or Thatcham may help reduce your insurance premium