Country matters from your Hedgerow Chaplin

Welcome to the Merry Month of Maying or Beltane.

This is a season of high spring, and the coming of summer. May Queens abound along with Jack-in-the-Green, also associated with the Green Man.

The month of Hawthorn, the traditional tree of May with the beautiful white blossom. Earthworms come closer to the surface as the ground has warmed up, followed by the moles.

The full moon on 26 May, known as the Milk Moon, will be the closest super moon of the year. It is known as this due to the abundance of flowers and grass available for the cows to produce extra quantities of milk.

This is a great time to start re-developing our natural instincts for nature and creation and to truly appreciate this wonderful time of growth.

Look and feel for those spiritual opportunities that nature and God encourages within us all.

Try using your natural instinct of sound, not just vision, to identify different birds, deer shuffling in the woods, rabbits and the many other woodland and hedgerow animals. Put your nose to the air, how many natural smells can you detect?

Holy Wells played a significant part in ceremonies through May alongside the Sun, or the element of fire from the sky. As their powers unite on Earth in a sacred marriage the results being, the fertility of every living thing!

These ceremonies have been around from ancient religions and when you understand them, it all makes sense even in our modern world!

We all have that inbuilt desire to keep in touch with our natural self and creation, be it in the garden or taking those walks.

Strangely enough, May also happens to be Garden for Wildlife Month and National Walking Month!

It has been frustrating for me as your Hedgerow Chaplain not to be in your company on these walks.

However, as the rules change from 17 May, I will organise our first Group Hedgerow exploration and the spiritual opportunities that nature and creation offer us.

Meanwhile, do take up the second walk in the series, available in St Michaels Church porch from 30 April. Free of charge with map and full route directions.

God Bless and enjoy the walk!

Steven Wort
Hedgerow Chaplain
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