Milverton, Somerset

The Kick family

The Kick Family connection with the Milverton Parish Council and why there is a seat in Parsonage Lane .

Charles Kick, a Solicitors Clerk living at Avondale Fore Street (now Thornwell house) joined the Parish Council in 1899 only 5 year after its formation in 1894. He was elected Chairman in 1926 and served for 32 years until he died in 1931 aged 57 yrs.

His son Ernest Charles Kick who lived at Hill View Buttsway and was an Auctioneer’s Assistant, joined the Council in 1937 serving 39 years until he too died in office in 1976 aged 71yrs. He was chairman in 1949, but unfortunately, as the minutes book from 1938 to 1948 is missing, I do not know when he first became Chairman.

In 1976, the Parish Council decided to commemorate Ernest C Kick, by arranging the amenity area in Parsonage Lane with the help of the newly formed Milverton and Fitzhead Society.

Correction to my article last month on the Broadmead Family. It was of course the grandfather of the Reverend Philip Palfrey Broadmead, yet another Philip, and his wife Joanny Palfrey who first lived at Olands.

Maggie Dinning