Milverton, Somerset

West Somerset bike project expands into Taunton

The extremely successful ‘West Somerset Bike Project’ has gained additional funding from Somerset West and Taunton Council using money from the Hinkley Point C Fund which will allow it to continue to support the project in West Somerset and expand into the ‘Taunton Deane’ area.

The project started from a simple idea; match someone who was able to donate a bike (that they did not use any more) and give it to someone who needed it. So that the bike was safe, a bike mechanic checked the bike over, made small repairs, added a helmet, lock and lights and the bike was ready to go! So far, the project has shared 100 bikes and now there is funding for 40 more.

The funding for this round of bikes is being offered to people who need a bike to access work, education, or training. That might mean needing a bike to attend an interview, take up a job offer or attend college or an apprenticeship.

The project wants to ensure that the bikes go to those people who need them most and are hoping to harness and work alongside the amazing work of agencies across the Somerset West and Taunton area to ensure that anyone who might need transport can be referred easily. An email to Izzy Silvester with the contact details of anyone interested in accessing the scheme will mean that someone will be in touch to discuss their needs. It is important that they meet the criteria for needing the bike to access education, work, or training.

For the project to work, we still need donation of bikes (of reasonable quality) so if you know of anyone who has a bike that is unused at the moment, please get in touch. If you have a bike to donate, please get in touch with CCS Village Agent Izzy via email with your name and phone number and a brief description of the bike or call 07931 018 045 to arrange for a free collection.

For anyone in a transport crisis, Izzy also works as the CCS West Somerset Transport Agent ready to help people who are struggling due to a lack of transport in the area.

Taunton and West Somerset Bike Appeal is funded by Somerset West and Taunton Council.

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