Milverton, Somerset

100 Club application form

Registered with Somerset West and Taunton Council under Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 Licence No: 1000051

The Victoria Rooms Committee is again organising a 100 Club to raise funds for the maintenance of the building which hosts so many village events. To join all you need to do is make a payment of £12 before 1 August 2021. In return you will be given a ticket with a number between 1 and 100.

On the first Saturday of every month the Committee will hold a draw and, if your number is chosen, you will win a £50 prize. Tickets are valid for a year, which means that you get 12 chances to win!

Draws will only start when all 100 tickets have been sold and no cheques will be banked more than 2 weeks before the first draw on 7 August at the Community Market.

To be in with a chance complete an application form from Christine Field at, on 01823 400872 or from Spring View, 12 Woodbarton, Milverton TA4 1LU.

Thank you for your support.