Milverton, Somerset

Country matters from your hedgerow Chaplin in June

The magical event that is the Summer Solstice, the day that connects us with our ancestors and the land, arrives on the 21 June.

If you happen to be at Stonehenge at 4.52am on the 21June you will catch those first rays of the Solstice Sun, lasting right through to 9.26pm in the evening.

The longest day of the astronomical calendar has arrived!

The tilt of the earth at this time of year puts the North Pole closest to the sun, resulting in us having the longest amount of daylight hours and more sunshine than any other day in the year!

When you rise to see this amazing spectacle, take a few moments to simply meditate, feeling the power of summer flowing in and around you.

Listen to the sounds, the birds awakening with their dawn chorus, listen to the sound of the breeze, feel the hum of mother earth beneath your feet. Feel the magic of this moment and be an actual part of it.

Back at Stonehenge, this would have been that moment when our ancestors would have become at one with the land and nature.

They would have understood and realised they were with, and part of God’s creation, knowing that the sun brings the power for warmth and enables the abundance of growth of the flora and fauna, the crops, the flowers, and the insects such as the bees at this wondrous time of the year.

This is the time to pick St John’s Wort, renowned in Celtic times for bringing peace and prosperity to the house, health to animals and a bountiful harvest.

Bonfires would have been lit on hilltops, dance, ritual and song would have sounded out, to rejoice in the sun and its great power to life and nature.

This months’ full moon will be on 24 June at 6.40pm, which also happens to be Midsummer’s Day. It is called the Strawberry Moon, so named because the strawberry picking season should be in full flow!

My walk for June will be available in St Michael’s Church porch from Saturday 29 May and as usual, the map and route directions are free.

I will also be guiding this Spiritual walk, enjoying God’s creations, on 10 June and plan to leave from the Church war memorial at 10.30am returning by 12.30pm.

Please phone or email me if you would like to take part on this inaugural walk!

God bless and look forward to seeing you on the 10 June.

Steven Wort Hedgerow Chaplain
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