Milverton, Somerset

Welcome to Milverton Meadows

My name is Owen Hines and I would like to introduce myself to the Milverton community.

My partner Izzy and I are local to the Milverton area and both feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced the beauty of the Somerset countryside first-hand. Our upbringings have instilled within us a deep respect for the environment, and we still enjoy exploring the local surroundings that we are all so lucky to call home.

Our appreciation for the natural landscape has made our latest passion project – Milverton Meadows – the perfect fit. We have recently acquired an area of agricultural land located opposite to Milverton Sawmills, which we hope to eventually be open for the community to enjoy.

The development of Milverton Meadows has been designed to compliment the attractive amenities already offered within the local community. We have plans to enhance the current features of the area with multiple walkways alongside the river and new lake, as well as stables in the near future. Whilst we are currently at the early stages of the project, we also hope to work closely with conservation volunteers to encourage the local wildlife to enhance the natural beauty of the site in the most environmentally conscious way.

Izzy and I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm invitation to any local or independent businesses who wish to connect with the project at this early stage. Eventually, we would love to develop a close relationship with local primary schools, so future generations can be encouraged to visit the area and develop a love for the natural world that mirrors our own. In the meantime, we are confident that Milverton Meadows will benefit the local community in both the short and long-term and are very excited to begin a project centred so closely around our personal ethos of conservation and community.

We welcome and appreciate comments from those within the Milverton neighbourhood, as well as those in the local surrounding area, before we look to seek planning permission and ask that these are directed to our email address:

Further information about Milverton Meadows can be found on our website.