Friday Club

Friday Club July update

We were all ready to get the good news about the Friday Club starting up again when the latest restrictions were announced.

We will not be meeting up in July as we had previously expected.

I am so sorry, but it is not in our hands, as you all know we do really want to meet up again, and the good news is that we will meet up for coffee on Friday 6 August.

As you already know we will be moving to the Recreation Ground which may be easier for some people, but others may be worried about getting there. Please remember Wivey Link, they will be able to help, you do however have to give them some warning. Carol has said she will be contacting all the members before our first meeting and will be able to tell you anything you want to know about getting in touch with them.

We must remember friends and neighbours who may be willing to help out if they can, and some of them may even want to join us, it is sometimes easier to go with someone you know when starting to embark on something new.

There is some really good news to cheer us all up, as the members know we have a break and close for August, this year we will remain open. Best wishes to all our members and friends and we hope that we really will meet for coffee in August.