Milverton Local History Group

The planned 24 June meeting has been cancelled, owing to Covid restrictions. We will be meeting, Covid rules permitting, after the summer break in September.

It was the funeral of Monica Humphries in May and if anyone has a spare copy of the Record of Service I would like a copy please.

I try to obtain all such records of service of Milverton folk to add to the Archives and as Monica started the Primrose Club in 1994 which she ran for over 20 years, I would really like to add her’s to the collection.

Snippet from the 1838 newspaper Taunton Courier, Milverton:

“The Great National Event was celebrated here on Thursday, the day of the Coronation. A liberal subscription was made in the Parish and about 1500 persons were supplied with beef; excellent fat heifers were bought for the occasion; also about a thousand loaves of bread and seven hogsheads of prime cider.

At daybreak the inhabitants were aroused[sic] by the firing of cannon then the merry bells struck out which enlivened the valley with their joyous sounds.

The bugle sounded the stable call for the Yeomanry to attend to their horses. Captain Lethbridge in command.

The Milverton troop of West Somerset Regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry paraded the streets, fired 10 rounds then retired to the Glove Inn (later named the Globe) and together with the gentlemen, farmers and respectable tradesmen of the village sat down to a most excellent dinner served by Mr R D Coombes.

The Chairman, Mr Percival of Bindon House proposed the health of our most gracious Queen the Dowager Queen Adelaide and then songs and speeches were enjoyed as a band played.”

Maggie Dinning