Milverton, Somerset

Hedgerow Chaplin July update

Following the glories that started in June, the next two summer months of July and August continue to bring us the joys and wonders of nature. We have the same lushness and greenery all around, with more variety added by the new tree foliage, grasses, crops and flowers, not forgetting the tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries!

With everything looking so good, and uplifting the spirit, it is no wonder that we all look forward to our holidays, by the sea, in the hills, country, or just staying at home enjoying our own gardens.

There are still the beautiful bees, butterflies and dragonflies to look out for, as well as the young birds flying around. All of this making us realise what an unbelievable planet God has given us.

With all this beauty around you, try the Sensio Divina or sensing the Divine in Nature. A brilliant place to try it would be at a five bar gate. Why? They are all in beautiful places, with amazing views! Honest!

Take a few deep breaths, relax, look around you, listen, smell and touch. Become one with the earth, feel the vibrations through your feet. Say a few words, pray, give thanks or just think the words, maybe to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or to Mother Earth! 

For the full Sensio Divina, give me a call and I will send you a copy.

24 July at 3.37am gives us our full moon, known as a Hay, Buck or Wort Moon! Harvest, Stag Antlers and Beer Brewing in that order!

A Blue Moon appears on 22 August at 1.02am, this one called a Grain Moon. No, it won’t actually be a Blue Moon, just the name being given to the third full Moon in a season with four full Moons.

Your walks for July and August will be in the St Michaels Church on the 3 July and 1 August respectively.

I am also going to lead a Spiritual Benefice Pilgrimage, calling into our four churches all on the same day, probably in August, and will keep you advised as soon as my date is confirmed.

Hopefully, tea and cakes may well be served at each stop as we travel round on our pilgrimage walk!

God bless, Steven Wort Hedgerow Chaplain
phone 01823 400232
mobile 07557 958013