Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Parish Council September update

The following is a summary of the business conducted at the August meeting:

  • Under the Parish Council’s devolved power, the planning applications at Lovelynch and 8 Fairfield Terrace were approved. The planning applications re works at Quartley Cottage and Kingsland (21/23/0030) were considered and it was resolved to advise SWT of the Council’s support
  • The Amenities Committee, which is overseeing the refurbishment of the toilets, was to meet shortly to confirm a proposal, which may result in an Extraordinary Meeting of the Full Council being convened to consider it (the extraordinary meeting is to be held on 16 August)
  • Quotes are in hand for the various works proposed for the refurbishment of Jubilee Gardens
  • Various locations in Milverton and Preston Bowyer have been approved by Traffic Management for siting Speed Indicator Devices. The purchase of up to two units by the Parish Council will be considered at the September meeting
  • The Allotment AGM is set for 11 September to be held at the allotments and to include a BBQ and social
  • The monthly Highways report noted that responses are awaited from Traffic Management on parking matters, the adjustment of the 30mph zone in Wood Street and the ongoing issue of HGVs going through the village. Updates have been requested. Other matters noted were that a wide/overhanging hedge in Butts Way is due to be cut in August and the closure of the B3187 at Chipley. (This should have re-opened by the time of the magazine)
  • Owing to a villager suffering fall in Jubilee Gardens, remedial works to the surface of a path by SCC are to be undertaken
  • SWT Councillor G Wren reported on the decision made by Central Government that the Unitary Authority will be the single Council, promoted by SCC. It will probably take 18months to come into existence and consultations will be taking place to confirm the process required to effect the change

The next meeting will be held on Monday 6 September at the Victoria Rooms, starting at 7pm.

If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter please let me know.

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Phone 01823 432959 or email