Milverton, Somerset

Supporting local industry, Milverton Sawmill

Milverton have been lucky enough to have a sawmills in the village since 1906.

Wadham Fencing Ltd took over the site, re-employed the mill staff and turned the saws back on in March 2018 and we have not looked back.

At Milverton Sawmills not only were we able to continue milling locally sourced wood but we also brought our knowledge and expertise of fencing and landscaping of over 30 years.

The Mill now processes a large quantity of different materials and products for trade and private customers. These include fencing materials, treated sleepers, fence panels, bespoke sheds, fire wood, trellis, gates, garden furniture and pointed round treated stakes etc.

The fencing and landscaping side of Wadham Fencing Ltd is able to help with anything from private domestic projects to large housing developments, from erecting environment fencing, construction security fencing and finally domestic fencing before new customers take up their new homes. The most recent large project being the Bovis site in Rockwell Green, Wellington.

As a family run business we pride ourselves in providing employment to local people, covering a large range of skills. We actively help our staff achieve their full potential and encourage them to learn new skills within the company. We are also very conscious of environmental issues and achieve an almost zero percent waste from processing our products. The logs are brought from managed forests within the South West, cut into our products and all the sawdust and woodchip by product being sold to home owners and local farmers.

We are always looking to improve what we provide to our customers and recently took up a site in Chelston, Wellington where we have a large amount of our products ready for sale. With some supplies being hard to source in the pandemic we have taken on producing pointed round treated stakes ourselves as the demand was so great. And as of this week we have taken delivery of a new horizontal bandsaw in the Mill, this joins machinery that has happily been running at the Mill for over 60 years and still going strong.

If you have never visited us, please call in and see what we do, we are a very unique site and one of only a few sawmills left running in the South West. There is no job that we would not be happy to talk through with you and with the knowledge that our staff have, we can assist in all projects that you have in mind.