Milverton, Somerset

Made for purpose

Whenever I listen to one of Jesus’ searching questions to his listeners I find myself thinking “What would I do in these circumstances?” If I were casting my nets, and Jesus said “follow me”, would I do it? I imagine many of us would be hoping that we never have to find out.

All too often it’s assumed that being called is just about the religious life to a particular ministry, lay or ordained in the life of the Church. Of course, it is about that for some of us, and thank God for that, but in the New Testament, vocation or calling has a much wider understanding.

St Paul talks to the Corinthians about this more general call when he writes “Now there are varieties of gifts but the same spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of working but it is the same God who inspires them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.

Every one of us is called to use the gift or gifts we’ve been given to help build up the body of Christ. That “building up” can never be confined to what we do on Sunday. Building up is about using the whole of life, including Monday to Saturday. The very act of working or being at home, school, work, leisure is vocational. Our daily behaviour becomes a sacrament and an offering.

The realisation that we are being called comes in many different ways. For some, it’s like a sudden flash of light as came to St. Paul on the Damascus road. But for others, it’s just not that clear. In my earlier work as a Director of Ordinands and Vocation, I listened to many people who described their sense of calling as a feeling of discomfort. “Like having a toothache” someone said -their “yes” a moving towards a sense of peace and clarity.
Perhaps, as you read this, you know what God is calling you to do. Perhaps you’re still searching. But remember, God has made you for a purpose. And God will work that out, but in his own time, not yours.

With my prayers and blessing,
Trevor Willmott
Assistant Bishop

Jasper’s blog

Paws for thought

Calling all dogs!

Over the last 2 to 3 years I’ve noticed a massive increase in our poo being left around the place. This is embarrassing,
unacceptable and giving every one of us pooches unfair criticism and bad press. This foul practice is not our fault and has to stop. We therefore need to take the ‘lead’ and train our anti-social owners to ‘pick it up, bag it and bin it’ after we’ve done our business. They are never too old to learn a new trick and you should see the joy and admiration it produces on people’s faces when they have learned to do it.

Calling all Councillors! Okay, so if we do our bit you must now do yours and provide a few more bins around the village for our owners to dump the bags afterwards. I’ve sniffed around and come up with the following suggestions:

  • Bottom of Butts Way
  • Top of Poo, sorry Huntash Lane
  • Top of lane, off bend on Wood Street
  • Houndsmoor

Editor’s note

Jasper is saying what many people feel, however Parishioners need to know that every single dog bin costs £624 per year to have it emptied. Which is a cost levied on the Parish.

Milverton WI October update

Milverton WI was pleased to meet after so long, at the  Victoria Rooms on Thursday 2 September. We were happy to welcome members and a number of visitors. Our speaker was Graham Sparks –‘ Tales from the Antiques Trade from a Craftsman’.
Graham regaled us with really amusing and interesting stories since he began his trade, and he brought with him a very pretty Windsor chair which he had restored and which demonstrated his real skills.  
After the meeting members and visitors enjoyed  tea with delicious cakes made by Doreen Amery. Our next meeting will be on Thursday 7 October at the Victoria Rooms at 2.30 pm when the speaker, Hannah Fitch Goodwin, will give a talk, ‘Be Scam Aware’, a subject we all could benefit from.
We will again be very happy to welcome visitors.

Expressions of interest sought

The possibility of a Milverton Wargames Club is envisaged, using the Milverton Cricket Club.

The club could cater for members to battle various wargaming scenarios using their own equipment initially, but this may develop into club held equipment if membership and venue space permitted.

Therefore, if you are experienced and have existing armies and equipment, or are new to the concept of wargaming please let me know and we can take the idea further.

Remember any period or style could be accommodated. We would just need membership to progress from hopeful concept to thriving village and surrounding area group.

Contact Alan Davidson 07552 218250

Milverton and Fitzhead Society October update

An intriguing title for the introductory evening of the 2021 to 2022 season of talks to the Milverton and Fitzhead proved to be both enlightening and entertaining. Janet Few and Chris Braund know all that there is to know about ‘Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs’ and at the end of the evening, the audience certainly knew a little more about some of the expressions which are in common use today, and which are derived from much earlier times.

Following the success of this talk, the autumn series will continue on 14 October, when Chris Hamilton will talk about Making Paris into a Modern City – Haussmann and Marville (they were the Architect and Photographer of modern Paris). All talks are in the Methodist chapel, and begin at 7.30pm  Everyone is very welcome. All talks are in the Methodist Chapel, and begin at 7.30pm. Everyone is very welcome.

Benefice Hedgerow Chaplin in October

Welcome to October, and a reminder of what your Benefice Hedgerow Chaplain is doing for you, why the ‘walks’ really are a Pilgrimage and what you will get from them!

I plan the walks, go into the fields and along the Hedgerows to check on the suitability and safety of the walk, taking into account the differing abilities and age groups. The monthly Pilgrimage walks are around 2 to 3 miles and last generally about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Copies of the maps are then also available in all four churches of the benefice.

The next walk is on 19 October, when I will lead you, as a group on the walk, but also realising that it is not just a walk, but a ‘fresh air pilgrimage in Gods natural church’.

Life is a pilgrimage, every day we are on a journey, including leaving one place to travel to another and back again. What do we do or learn on our journey of life?

Sunday for instance, is a wonderful day to enter into the church building on your pilgrimage to praise God and no doubt receive his personal blessing to take home with you.

Another type of pilgrimage journey is one that we can take to strengthen our spirituality and increase the sense of belief that there is something greater than ourselves.

We can achieve this by taking the new ‘fresh air approach’ in our praises to God, and even if you are not a regular church visitor, it could help you on the spiritual pathways of your life.

This pilgrimage journey involves walking and talking, and being outdoors in ‘Gods natural church’, to be at one with him and in his amazing creation. The opportunity to see his work, to smell it, to breathe it in, to marvel and realise what energy, spirit and beauty is all around us.

We have bible readings, also of poetry and prose, we have a period of silent walking, maybe to talk to God, or pray in our own way. We have time to work out where we are in our lives, have moments of stillness for personal thought and lots more.

The pilgrimages are evolving and will be including a HAIKU session, writing and reading your own poetry to the group, mindful photography, singing of hymns/songs and connecting with the flora and fauna. Do let me know that you would like to come along on the 19!

Your full moon this month is on October the 20 at 3.56pm and is called the Hunters Moon. The moon will be bright and long in the sky giving hunters lots of opportunity to stalk prey at night (poachers included!)

Meteor showers, Draconid on the 8 October and 9 October and Orionid on the 21 October and 22 October are something to also look out for in God’s glorious heavens in October.

We continue with our nights getting darker and especially on the 31 October Samhain, when the clocks change, suddenly losing us an hour of light!

Autumn is fading, winter is closing in! On the positive side, porridge for breakfast, stews, meat pies, jacket potatoes and all of those warming winter meals start to appear!

If you would like further information on any of the above article, please do contact me on 07557 958013 call 01823 400232 or email Facebook: the Hedgerow Chaplain

Milverton and District Garden Club October update

The first talk of the Winter season will be on the 19 October, when Chris Birchall will speak on winter cheer and springtime tonic, which should lift our spirits somewhat. This will be at the Methodist Church, Silver Street at 7.30pm. Entry £1.

Sample bags of top soil, mushroom compost, horse manure, farmyard manure, and gallop mix (woodchip and horse manure) are on display at 15 Woodbarton, beside the Ash House. Order by email at or get a form from the house.

Cost will be £2.25 per bag delivered to Woodbarton or the Allotments, pay before delivery. Delivery On Saturday Morning, 9 October, pickup on Saturday after 10am.

Victoria Rooms October update

Milverton’s monthly market is now back in full swing, with the second market held on Saturday, 4 September,
which was, once again, very well attended. Long may it continue! It is great to hear friends and neighbours
chatting together while purchasing local produce or enjoying a well-deserved coffee in Victoria’s Café.

The take-up of stalls for forthcoming markets is very good but, if you would like to book a stall either as a one-off, or on a regular monthly basis, please contact Sally on 01823 400320 to check availability.

The monthly 100 Club draw took place at the market and the winner for September is Janet Sadler – well done Janet.

The next Victoria Rooms’ event will be the Heritage Exhibition on Saturday 23 October which will be open from 10am to 2pm. There is no entry fee and everyone is welcome to come along and discover fascinating facts about Milverton’s past. There will also be a section on Preston Bowyer, referring in particular to the chantry lands as well as many other interesting items, such as displays on the Broadmead Family and other families with important connections with Milverton. There will also be loads of old maps, including the 1842 Tithe Map as well as information about some of the houses in the village. For more information, or if you have something you think may be of interest to be included in the display, please contact Maggie on 01823 400142  or email Victoria’s Café will be open during the exhibition, providing delicious light refreshments.

Places are going steadily for our Quiz Night on Friday 12 November, starting at 7.30pm. As numbers are limited to a maximum of 60 people, as a Covid precaution, there will be 10 tables available, each accommodating teams of up to 6. The cost will be £5.00 per person, to include a Ploughman’s Supper. There will also be a bar and a raffle. If you would like to reserve a table for your team, please contact Sue on 01823 400609 or email

There is already interest in booking a stall at the Craft Fair on Saturday 19 March 2022 and if you would like to reserve your place, please contact Sue on 01823 400609  or email The fair will run from 10am to 2pm with set-up from 9am. Tables will cost just £10 each and a table and chairs are provided, so no need for a gazebo (or an umbrella!). Victoria’s Café will also be open.

If anyone would like to help at Victoria’s Café, either at the monthly market or at any of our fundraising events, or if you would like to make a cake or other light refreshments for the Café, please contact Chris on 01823 400872 or email

Our new Facebook page is now up and running, thanks to Karen Baker and her team. Do take a look at and see what is happening in our village hall. 

Although autumn is now nearly with us, our gazebos are still available for hire and if you are having an event and would like to hire one, please contact Philip on 01823 400609  or email
To hire the Victoria Rooms for a new club or society meeting or for a birthday party, please contact Geoff on 01823 401365  or email

Parish Council October update

The following is a summary of the business conducted at the September meeting:

  • Under the Parish Council’s devolved power, the planning applications at Bailiffs Cottage, Woodside Cottage, Quaker Cottage and 8 Woodbarton were approved. The planning applications re works at Olands Barn, Kingsland (21/23/0033) and a barn at Preston Bowyer were considered and it was resolved to advise Somerset West and Taunton Council of the Council’s support
  • The Amenities Committee, which is overseeing the refurbishment of the toilets, reported that tender documents to fit a new roof would be circulated in mid-September, with the aim of the contract being awarded in early October
  • It was reported that the works to revamp Jubilee Garden are scheduled to commence in late September. Due to the works, the footpath may be closed for up to a week
  • The Council approved the purchase of two Speed Indicated Devices which will then be available to be rotated around several sites in the village. An application for grant funding is to be made that could meet much of the costs, otherwise these will be paid from the Council’s resources
  • The Allotment AGM is set for 11 September and the rainwater harvesting project should make progress now people are back from holiday, to be ready in time for the end of Summer
  • Footpath repairs are awaited on the paths in the field by Creedwell Orchard (7/18) and behind the sawmills (7/33). Signage requesting users keep to footpaths in fields are awaited from SCC
  • The monthly Highways report included the following: The forthcoming road closures in Sand Street (fibre works) and Silver Street/Fore Street (resurfacing) were noted though incorrect advance signage had been put out. An approach is to be made to see if cars could use the school car park during the weekend work. Various matters are still awaiting a response from SCC Highways. A note on the issues has been sent to Rebecca Pow MP to ask for help in getting some action. A bollard in Fore St had been knocked down by a lorry but this was surprisingly replaced the following day
  • During a recent Speedwatch session in Preston Bowyer, a vehicle came along the road several times, at high speed and with horn blaring. The details have been passed to our PCSO Louise Fyne

The next meeting will be held on Monday 4 October at the Victoria Rooms, starting at 7pm.

If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter please let me know.

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Tel 01823 432959 or email

Wellington Choral Society

With the easing of Coronavirus restrictions, Wellington Choral Society are delighted to be able to come together and sing in person again after 18 months away. We have an exciting programme of choral music planned for the forthcoming autumn 2021/Spring 2022 season starting with the Creation by Josef Haydn on Saturday 23 October 2021 at 7.30pm at St John the Baptist Church, Wellington

This will be followed by a programme of Christmas music in December, date to be confirmed. We are looking forward to welcoming back our loyal audiences and to welcoming new. If you enjoy choral music, come and hear us or come and sing with us.

Rehearsals will started on Wednesday 8 September 2021 and are every Wednesday from 7.30 to 9.30pm at Wellington Methodist Church, Waterloo Road apart from half term. We are a very friendly choir and always keen to welcome new singers. So if you are looking for somewhere to sing and enjoy choral music, come and join us.