Milverton, Somerset

Benefice Hedgerow Chaplin in October

Welcome to October, and a reminder of what your Benefice Hedgerow Chaplain is doing for you, why the ‘walks’ really are a Pilgrimage and what you will get from them!

I plan the walks, go into the fields and along the Hedgerows to check on the suitability and safety of the walk, taking into account the differing abilities and age groups. The monthly Pilgrimage walks are around 2 to 3 miles and last generally about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Copies of the maps are then also available in all four churches of the benefice.

The next walk is on 19 October, when I will lead you, as a group on the walk, but also realising that it is not just a walk, but a ‘fresh air pilgrimage in Gods natural church’.

Life is a pilgrimage, every day we are on a journey, including leaving one place to travel to another and back again. What do we do or learn on our journey of life?

Sunday for instance, is a wonderful day to enter into the church building on your pilgrimage to praise God and no doubt receive his personal blessing to take home with you.

Another type of pilgrimage journey is one that we can take to strengthen our spirituality and increase the sense of belief that there is something greater than ourselves.

We can achieve this by taking the new ‘fresh air approach’ in our praises to God, and even if you are not a regular church visitor, it could help you on the spiritual pathways of your life.

This pilgrimage journey involves walking and talking, and being outdoors in ‘Gods natural church’, to be at one with him and in his amazing creation. The opportunity to see his work, to smell it, to breathe it in, to marvel and realise what energy, spirit and beauty is all around us.

We have bible readings, also of poetry and prose, we have a period of silent walking, maybe to talk to God, or pray in our own way. We have time to work out where we are in our lives, have moments of stillness for personal thought and lots more.

The pilgrimages are evolving and will be including a HAIKU session, writing and reading your own poetry to the group, mindful photography, singing of hymns/songs and connecting with the flora and fauna. Do let me know that you would like to come along on the 19!

Your full moon this month is on October the 20 at 3.56pm and is called the Hunters Moon. The moon will be bright and long in the sky giving hunters lots of opportunity to stalk prey at night (poachers included!)

Meteor showers, Draconid on the 8 October and 9 October and Orionid on the 21 October and 22 October are something to also look out for in God’s glorious heavens in October.

We continue with our nights getting darker and especially on the 31 October Samhain, when the clocks change, suddenly losing us an hour of light!

Autumn is fading, winter is closing in! On the positive side, porridge for breakfast, stews, meat pies, jacket potatoes and all of those warming winter meals start to appear!

If you would like further information on any of the above article, please do contact me on 07557 958013 call 01823 400232 or email Facebook: the Hedgerow Chaplain