Milverton, Somerset
Allotments in Spring

Notes from the allotments in October

September sees the meteorological beginning of Autumn and now is the time to harvest and take stock of the past year on the allotment. What has been successful? What changes would you like to make? What to do about slugs??It has been quite a challenging year; some crops were late to be sown or planted, we experienced lots of rain (not necessarily at the right time) and some very hot temperatures. One benefit of this strange growing season has meant that fruit has been plentiful; so many blackcurrants, gooseberries and loganberries that the larder is stocked with jars of jam and the freezer is groaning with frozen fruit for use in the winter.

Finally, what about the slugs? I have tried crushed eggshells, a product called Envii feed and fortify organic slug deterrent, wool pellets and physically picking them up and disposing them, but still they come! Ah well, next year is bound to bring different challenges and we will deal with them as they arise.

It has been lovely welcoming new allotmenteers and watch how their plots are put into production.