Milverton, Somerset

Parish Council October update

The following is a summary of the business conducted at the September meeting:

  • Under the Parish Council’s devolved power, the planning applications at Bailiffs Cottage, Woodside Cottage, Quaker Cottage and 8 Woodbarton were approved. The planning applications re works at Olands Barn, Kingsland (21/23/0033) and a barn at Preston Bowyer were considered and it was resolved to advise Somerset West and Taunton Council of the Council’s support
  • The Amenities Committee, which is overseeing the refurbishment of the toilets, reported that tender documents to fit a new roof would be circulated in mid-September, with the aim of the contract being awarded in early October
  • It was reported that the works to revamp Jubilee Garden are scheduled to commence in late September. Due to the works, the footpath may be closed for up to a week
  • The Council approved the purchase of two Speed Indicated Devices which will then be available to be rotated around several sites in the village. An application for grant funding is to be made that could meet much of the costs, otherwise these will be paid from the Council’s resources
  • The Allotment AGM is set for 11 September and the rainwater harvesting project should make progress now people are back from holiday, to be ready in time for the end of Summer
  • Footpath repairs are awaited on the paths in the field by Creedwell Orchard (7/18) and behind the sawmills (7/33). Signage requesting users keep to footpaths in fields are awaited from SCC
  • The monthly Highways report included the following: The forthcoming road closures in Sand Street (fibre works) and Silver Street/Fore Street (resurfacing) were noted though incorrect advance signage had been put out. An approach is to be made to see if cars could use the school car park during the weekend work. Various matters are still awaiting a response from SCC Highways. A note on the issues has been sent to Rebecca Pow MP to ask for help in getting some action. A bollard in Fore St had been knocked down by a lorry but this was surprisingly replaced the following day
  • During a recent Speedwatch session in Preston Bowyer, a vehicle came along the road several times, at high speed and with horn blaring. The details have been passed to our PCSO Louise Fyne

The next meeting will be held on Monday 4 October at the Victoria Rooms, starting at 7pm.

If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter please let me know.

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Tel 01823 432959 or email