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Calling all dogs!

Over the last 2 to 3 years I’ve noticed a massive increase in our poo being left around the place. This is embarrassing,
unacceptable and giving every one of us pooches unfair criticism and bad press. This foul practice is not our fault and has to stop. We therefore need to take the ‘lead’ and train our anti-social owners to ‘pick it up, bag it and bin it’ after we’ve done our business. They are never too old to learn a new trick and you should see the joy and admiration it produces on people’s faces when they have learned to do it.

Calling all Councillors! Okay, so if we do our bit you must now do yours and provide a few more bins around the village for our owners to dump the bags afterwards. I’ve sniffed around and come up with the following suggestions:

  • Bottom of Butts Way
  • Top of Poo, sorry Huntash Lane
  • Top of lane, off bend on Wood Street
  • Houndsmoor

Editor’s note

Jasper is saying what many people feel, however Parishioners need to know that every single dog bin costs £624 per year to have it emptied. Which is a cost levied on the Parish.