Milverton, Somerset
Music note

Milverton Music November update

Thank goodness for defibrillators adjoining village halls.

In October, one of our players, was taken seriously ill during his performance. He’d had a heart attack and without the prompt action of a club member who dashed outside and knocked on the first door with a light on, he would not be with us now. Fortunately, that first door was the home of a doctor who came over to us immediately and administered the Victoria Rooms defibrillator.

Also, thanks to a member of the club who was able to get through to the ambulance and talked them in. Their combined prompt action saved his life.

We went to see him the next day and were able to have a chat. He was sitting up in bed connected to lots of gadgets and will be in hospital a while so that they can check him out.

He remembers nothing of the incident, but sends his thanks to us all for the care and for the many phone calls, and best wishes we received. Thanks also to our audience for their very ordered and speedy reaction to clear the hall and allow the medics to do their job.

We have a very special music club in Milverton and this event has reinforced the caring and supportive relationship that we have.

Pleased to report that our singer has thankfully survived and after having some treatment is hopefully now on the road to recovery.

Forth coming events

Cara Dillon concert on 15 October is sold out.

We are currently reserving seats for our pre-Christmas concert with the Moscow Drug Club on 3 December. Please contact us soon as tickets are selling fast. Call 01823 400416 or email

Tony Batten