Milverton, Somerset

Friday Club November update

Hello again. Unbelievable that another four weeks have slipped past during which the Friday Club has enjoyed several interesting, informative and jolly Fridays that, not only include lots of refreshments and a delicious lunch each week, but we have enjoyed a variety of activities.

We were fortunately able to welcome a representative from Somerset Fire and Rescue who reminded us of fire safety in the home. During this presentation, the Fire Service extended an invitation for us all to avail ourselves of a free home safety check. If needed, they would install any equipment to notify us of a fire, this included smoke detectors, a vibrating device, which goes under the pillow for those who have a hearing impairment, also fire-proof bedding or chair throws for those who smoke; all at no cost. Amazing to think this service is all funded by donations.

In addition, we had interesting film on a wonderful wildlife sanctuary that had been created from the conversion of a farm to a place where children and adults are able to get amazingly close to the animals and birds that make up our, mostly unseen, flora and fauna in the natural habitat.

A favourite of the group was a sing-a-long led by a regular local entertainer which raised the spirit as well as the roof.
One Friday we had a morning of playing and remembering old-fashioned table games: such a hubbub had to be heard to be believed.

We also had a really interactive time discussing conservation in our village and gardens. All the work being carried out on everyone’s behalf by the Milverton Conservation Group and volunteers.

Finally, our annual Harvest Festival auction raised £160.50 which we were thrilled to present the proceeds to Mind in Somerset.

Also, we have welcomed a new member to the group and still have room for more. We would also gladly welcome more volunteers to boost our existing much valued team, either as cook or helper. So, if you have a few hours to spare once a month give me a call.

Hope to see you soon at the Cricket Club, Butts Way, Milverton every Friday 10.30am to 2pm

Carol Davidson Group Leader
Call 01823 400095 or 07795 264478
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