Milverton, Somerset

WI November update

Members of Milverton WI were very appreciative of the  excellent talk given by Noel and Katie from Taunton’s ‘Home Instead.’ The subject was scams.

It is frightening to learn how devious the scammers are and how much more sophisticated their methods are becoming. We were given as much advice as possible in order to stop the scammers in their tracks. Unfortunately, it is necessary to be vigilant in all forms of communications. It is virtually impossible to identify the scammers which means we have to be wiser and on our guard as much as possible.

A delicious cake and cup of tea helped the equilibrium.   

Our next WI meeting is on 4 November at 2.30 pm in the Victoria Rooms when Tim Bidlake-Corser will be giving a talk on ‘A personal view from behind the lens’.    

Visitors are very welcome.