Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Heritage Day 2021

What a turn out for the Milverton Heritage Day 2021 with over 60 people viewing the displays which this year featured Preston Bowyer.

Visitors to the exhibition got to view the old maps of the Parish with the 1842 Tithe Map as the main attraction.

There were photos of old Milverton and detailed reports on topics such as James Broadmead and the Broadmead family and St Michael’s House previously known as Brewse House and Late Weech’s, both names referring to previous owners.

In researching the Brewse House area, old maps seemed to suggest that, as thought, the High Street went straight in front of the house to lead from the gate into the churchyard and was called Chipp or Chipping Street. I was thrilled to find that in the old documents.

The interest and support shown by the village has inspired me to continue with my aim to create a community heritage building to house not only the archive collection for the future, but also allow those interested to browse and study the collection as there is so much more to see.

My thanks goes to all the people who helped to make the day such a success, I couldn’t have done it without you.

If you would like to join in and help this dream become a reality, please contact Maggie Dinning at or call on 01823 400142.

Thank you,
Milverton Village Archive