Catan tabletop game

Milverton Tabletop Gaming Club

The Milverton Tabletop Gaming Club that meets every Thursday in the Milverton Cricket Club continues to be successful and attract lots of interest.

We have now played several games of Stargrave, a sci fi, post Galactic apocalypse table top game. Those of us learning this game have been fully engrossed and even I have managed to reach the ‘losing’ level.

We decided as a club that we will not limit the meetings to specific types of table top games and any and all games (wargames, D&D, RPG etc) can be enjoyed to ensure a welcome to everyone who wants to partake in the sessions. With over 17000 different rule sets out there, we are all in a position of learning at some point.

Members have a varied selection of scenery and equipment to use but this may develop into club held equipment if membership and venue space permit.

We offer a warm welcome whether you are experienced and have existing armies and equipment, or are new to the concept of tabletop gaming so please join us every Thursday evening starting at 6pm (Cricket Club bar open) and we can welcome you to the exciting world of tabletop gaming fun. Remember any period from ancients to sci fi can be accommodated and include any type of gaming style.

Come along and support this new, village and surrounding area, group.

Contact Alan Davidson on 07552 218250 for more details.