Milverton, Somerset

The Friday Club December update

It is just unbelievable we find ourselves at the end of another year and preparing for the festive season once again.

Now, what has happened to us over the past few weeks? That is easy; fun, food, laughter, singing and lots of conversation.

We also had a presentation on the discovery of explosives and the creation of fireworks all seemed a bit dangerous and scary.

Our friend from the Heritage Centre in Taunton visited us and spoke about food production and farming in our county of Somerset. It was extremely interesting and brought back lots of memories and generated lots of conversation.
We also had a four part quiz with prizes!

Just one little hiccup, quiz questions may have been slightly difficult and me as quiz writer got a black mark (never mind all groups did really well in the end).

To end the month on a high we had live music and singer who came and led our ever so popular sing-a-along.

December’s programme of events is just as exciting, interesting and interactive so if you would like to become a member, please give me a call.

On 3 December Deaf Plus will be visiting us, not just to tell us about the work they do but to also service hearing aids. This includes cleaning, new tubes and batteries If you wear hearing and are not a member of Friday Club and would like to come along, please call me so we are able fit you all in.

Finally, I would like to express on behalf of members of the Friday Club past present and future. A huge thank you to everyone who over the past decades and more recently have supported, entertained, cooked and washed up for us, without you, our club would not be here today and evolving.

Of course, we cannot forget the members themselves who are an incredible group of people and are all a treat to work with. They turn out in wind, rain and sunshine to come to and support their group, thank you all.

Our last day is the 17 December and return 7 January 2022

Come and join us as a member or volunteer.

Hope to see you soon at the Cricket Club, Butts Way, Milverton every Friday 10.30am to 2pm

Carol Davidson
Group Leader 01823 400095 or 07795 264478

Supported by Wivey Link 01984 624666