Milverton, Somerset

Carols in the cowshed

Carols in the cowshed will go ahead at 4pm on Christmas Eve (24 December) at Houndsmoor Farm.

Being well ventilated, this event is available to all to enjoy. If you are unwell or have been advised to self-isolate, please stay at home.

Wear a Christmassy mask to protect yourself and others.

Donations can be cash on the day or made online at the Charity Aid Foundation for Open Door for the homeless of Taunton.

Defibrillator monitoring update

It was great to have so many people expressing an interest in taking on the monitoring of the defibrillator, a decision on this will be made shortly. If you are unsuccessful, thanks for the enquiry but we will keep a note as a back-up for the future.

Tim Payne
Clerk to Milverton Parish Council

Milverton Stores Christmas opening times

Milverton Stores are open:

  • Monday 20 December – 8am to 8pm
  • Tuesday 21 December – 8am to 8pm
  • Wednesday 22 December – 8am to 8pm
  • Thursday 23 December – 8am to 8pm
  • Friday 24 Deceiver, Christmas Eve – 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday 25 December, Christmas Day – closed
  • Sunday 26 December, Boxing Day – closed



Dear Friends
My car’s useful dashboard display has a section that gives a percentage reading, now about 42%, which gets lower week by week. In about 5 months it will reach zero which means an oil change is needed, the car service is due and perhaps the MOT too. With those jobs completed the reading is reset to 100% and away we go. Motorists know that the annual service and MOT aren’t the whole thing by any means. Refuelling, cleaning, insurance, repairs, tax, route finding, traffic jams and other motoring hazards all come into the picture until the next major reset.

Advent is intended to be a reset after the year from last Advent has taken us through Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and beyond, via what are known as Ordinary Sundays. On the way we keep going, helped by worship, fellowship, prayer, and service for and from others. Nevertheless, there is plenty to throw us off track in the Christian Life. Perhaps the uncertainties of life with covid, health issues, losses, disappointments, or other problems have distracted us, or we have been run ragged by the demands of life. It is time for a reset, which is why Advent was invented about 1500 years ago.

Originally the idea was to spend six weeks in self-examination and penitence before Christmas. That was dropped to four and nowadays we use the Advent ring with one candle for each Sunday, and the fifth, representing Christ, in the centre for Christmas Day. Here is how the first three Sundays work:

Advent’s first Sunday calls for watchfulness when in overwhelmingly confusing, distracting, and troublesome times. The consumer frenzy, serial partying and sometimes family tensions in December can certainly be diverting! The message is, ‘always be aware of God even in distracting times’. The second and third Sundays of Advent focus on John the Baptist who prepared the way for Jesus with forceful preaching and a call to commitment. Luke 3 samples John’s preaching; share with the needy, don’t be greedy and treat people honestly and with respect. The message is ‘get your life right and renew your Christian commitment’. In Methodism we usually do that in the covenant service in January or the Methodist New Year in September but why not in Advent? Just a thought. Hopefully, Advent resets our commitment to Jesus Christ in time for Christmas and beyond.

So, a blessed Advent to all.
Rev John Young

Milverton Music Club January update

On 3 December  we had a stunning evening with the Moscow Drug Club. These very talented musicians play music from 1930’s Berlin Cabaret, Hot Club de France, Nuevo Tango and Gypsy Campfire plus Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. No buffet this year, but everyone brought their own snacks. We provided mince pies and cream, two quizzes plus prizes, what more can you want!

In the New Year we look forward to some amazing Bluegrass music from Flats and Sharps who are based in Cornwall. They have toured the USA, Europe and Australia plus a concert in the Royal Albert Hall and they are playing Milverton! This one is not to be missed. Contact us for tickets which are already selling very well.

On 7 January escape from the fireside, the sherry and mince pies, for our first open mic session of 2022. Doors open 7.30pm, music starts at 8pm. We have a great line up of singers including the Silver Street Band, Wendy Wilkins, John Middleton, Lionel Took, Mo Dewdney, Chris Smith, Bob Antel, Colin Wilson and Keith Hunter.

Please check out Milverton Music Club for the terrific artists booked in 2022. For more information and tickets phone 01823 400416 or email

Tony Batten 

The light of a star to guide us

What will 2022 bring I wonder? Two years ago Covid was just a vague murmur coming from the East. How could we have known it would have such an impact or for so long? How might this year be different? Well, there is much to look forward to. We expect to have a new diocesan bishop joining us. We will be celebrating 70 years of the Queen’s reign. The World Cup is on… and we have a chance! And then there are all the other excitements of anniversaries, milestones and hopes and dreams we all have.
As we begin this new year my mind turns to those Eastern travellers long ago who saw a star in the sky, set out on an uncharted journey which took maybe up to two years, and eventually found a King. Not the sort of king expected but One who opened up new horizons for the whole world. One who offers us love, forgiveness and a way back to God.
At this time when we are asking questions that search for deeper meaning, this seems a story which resonates. What sort of journey will you take this year? At a recent clergy pre-Advent retreat we were reminded that it is not so much us walking with God but rather God walking with us. So, no matter what twists and turns the road takes, or even if we slip from following in God’s Way, He will never give up on us and will never let us walk alone.
This year, as last, we shall be seeking to dwell on some words from scripture and allow them to permeate into our being. The following verses from that passage, seem to offer us the light of a star to guide us as we navigate our journey in the year to come.
‘Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near. Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.’  Philippians 4: 4-7 
May you know God’s presence and grace as He walks with you into this New Year!
With love
Bishop of Taunton

A day in the life of a PCSO

Louise Fyne, Police Community Support Officer

As always Wellington Rural policing team have been hard at work engaging with the community in various ways.
Challenging times for all of us with the ever changing situation in relation to the Corona virus.The whole month as always has been filled with a variety of incidents, tasks and appointments.

Such is the nature of our jobs when a serious or major incident takes place we have to literally drop all our commitments and go and we have had several of these types of incident this month.

Myself and PC Joanne Jeffery attended Wiveliscombe on Remembrance Day in November to help pay our respects-with a life of living in the forces it was a poignant day.

As a Rural Crime Champion I attend the fortnightly visits and had a Rural Affairs day at Sedgemoor Auction Centre with many guest speakers from inside and outside of our organisation. A victim of Rural Crime spoke after having a break in on my Beat Area and it was very clear that continued contact, crime prevention advice, reassurance and support from the police, particularly the neighbourhood teams is extremely important.

Any crimes that are filed are looked at by the local PCSO and this valuable contact made. Participation in the Mini Police Unit and the Project will encourage a sense of personal responsibility and leadership amongst the children, as well as encouraging an appreciation of their community and the positive role that they can play in it, whilst gaining an understanding from different people’s perspectives and learning about the role of the police and the law.

Community speed watch and road safety

Milverton – ongoing support at sessions when available and roadside training of new volunteers.

Preston Bowyer-Support of sessions when available and will often park police car at location to act as a deterrent and slow vehicles down.

I have continued to visit visited repeat speeders highlighted by the data inputted by the CSW groups and issued words of advice and warnings of the consequences of speeding.

Vehicle seized for no tax in Milverton whilst parked on the highway. Tax ran out 2019.

Check ‘Report an untaxed vehicle’ to see if a vehicle is taxed or not. You can let me know if you know of any vehicles as I can organise recovery of these vehicles straight away if available, if 2 months out of date, instead of waiting for DVLA. 5221260487. Please remove GPS systems from your agriculture plant when not in use and consider marking your systems.

Take care and stay safe
Louise Fyne
PCSO 6945
Neighbourhood Policing Team
Avon and Somerset Police

Somerset bus partnership

The future is suddenly starting to look a lot brighter for bus services in Somerset.

Over the past decade, public transport has not been an economic and developmental priority for Somerset County Council. Residents of this large, mainly rural county have been encouraged to rely on cars to get them to work as well as to shops, hospitals and places of entertainment and bus travel has dwindled accordingly. Bus journeys in the County have fallen by 43 per cent over the past decade, we now have the second lowest bus journeys per head in the country and our bus services have the lowest satisfaction score.

But the Government’s Bus Back Better strategy has prompted a major rethink with £3 billion of funding for bus improvements to be shared out between transport authorities across England (outside of London). Somerset County Council has responded and developed a highly ambitious Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) and is asking the Government to fund the Somerset BSIP with an eye watering £163 million grant. You can read the Somerset BSIP document that Somerset has submitted justifying this bid. 

Even if the full amount of the Somerset bid is not granted, it is a recognition by Somerset County Council that its bus services need major improvement. Transport is the biggest emitter of carbon emissions in Somerset accounting for 44.1% of Somerset’s total emissions. Given COP26, we must now make sure Somerset pursues the initiatives outlined in the Somerset Bus Service Improvement Plan that encourage a switch to public transport and away from single occupancy private cars. This will reduce our carbon footprint.

Somerset Bus Partnership was set up so that the voices of bus users from across Somerset are heard. We now have over 80 ‘bus representatives’ from all parts of the county who ensure we understand and reflect the needs of towns and parishes across the county.

We are looking for extra support within the Somerset Bus Partnership’s core team. Have you had management experience of the bus industry or in a transport department within a Council? Please do get in touch if you have.

Somerset is now entering into an Enhanced Partnership with local bus service operators to implement the Somerset Bus Service Improvement Plan. Somerset Bus Partnership has been invited to attend the launch of the Bus Advisory Board in late November. This is Somerset’s first step in establishing a partnership arrangement with local bus companies.

Somerset Bus Partnership will continue to work with bus users and will hold Somerset County Council to the ambitious and worthy goals now espoused in the Somerset Bus Improvement Plan.

If you would like to get in contact with us drop us an email or follow us on Facebook: or visit Somerset Bus Partnership.  

John Hassall
Co Chair – Somerset Bus Partnership