Milverton, Somerset

Friday Club January update

Happy New Year to all members, volunteers and those who support us. It is much appreciated.

Tick Tock
We are writing this in a state of shock,
Watching the clock—tick tock, tick tock,
Advancing, approaching, relentlessly,
A brand new year; Oh, can it be?
The calendar says the same thing, too;
Time races, vanishes for me and you,
No, wait! If time flies, we are having fun!
A year of fun! It’s gone! It’s done!
I now embrace the blur of time,
Because it simply means that I’m
Too busy with pleasure, joy, delight
To mourn the passing days’ swift flight.
So, we are wishing you fast, happy days,
Pleasuring you in myriad ways,
Filled with happiness and cheer,
Oh Happy, Happy Bright New Year!

All being well, we meet again on the 7 January 2022. Hope to see you soon at the Cricket Club, Butts Way, Milverton every Friday 10.30am to 2pm

Carol Davidson Group Leader
Phone 01823 400095 or 07795 264478
Supported by Wivey Link call 01984 624666