Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Tabletop War Games Club January update

We hope everyone has had the best Christmas possible and are looking forward to the New Year ahead.

The club fought its last battle of 2021 on 9 December with combatants vying for control of a crucial village in WWII. The axis forces held the village at the start of the game but were severely tested by the excellent tactics of the Allied commanders (along with lucky dice throws) but won through in the end. (Phew, saved by the bell).

We are to recommence hopefully on the Thursday 6 January, with our usual cordial invite to anyone who is interested in seeing what is happening. Remember we are a tabletop gaming club and as such welcome all, regardless of the games, periods, or styles played.

We meet on a Thursday evening from 6pm in the Cricket club on Butts Way Milverton. Please come and join us and enjoy pitting your tactics against others in a friendly, jovial club.

For more details please contact Alan Davidson 01823 400095 or 07552 218250